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The corporation was founded in 1999 by Willard Fey and Ann Lam, following two years of intensive study of the problems they describe systemically as "The ECOCOSM Paradox".  They were joined more recently by Luis Gutierrez, a colleague and former doctoral student of Willard's.

President & CEO: Willard R. Fey

Willard was one of the original members of the Industrial Dynamics Group that developed the System Dynamics (SD) methodology in the Sloan School of Management at MIT 40 years ago. He directed and implemented the first SD study of a real human system; and directed the first undergraduate program for students majoring in SD, for which he received the 1966 Everett Moore Baker Award. He has conducted and published SD studies of military systems, higher education, the criminal justice system in Atlanta, ecological systems and corporation dynamics; and has performed numerous consulting studies for corporate and government clients both large and small. His training at MIT was in electrical engineering, economics, management science, psychology and systems. He has been a professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology for 30 years. There he has supervised hundreds of one/two-student course project studies, 5-student-group Senior Design studies for Atlanta businesses, and M.S. and Ph.D. theses; the majority of which have involved the analysis of and the implementation of improved policies and procedures in real human systems.  He retired from teaching in 1999 to devote time to this research.



Vice President: Ann C. W. Lam

Ann has been a knowledge management consultant and software engineer with Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and Hewlett-Packard since 1986, where she has designed and implemented information databases, library, and financial systems. Previously, as a systems analyst with The Mitre Corporation, she developed requirements and prototypes for military command and control systems.   She holds a B.A. in mathematical statistics and music from the University of Florida and an M.S. in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she specialized in human factors and cognitive psychology.  She is currently studying environmentally sustainable ecosystems, environmental ethics and public policy, political and social processes, and systems theory. She lives in Georgia with her husband, Jerry (also a software engineer), and her son, Bryan.

Vice President of Communications: Luis Gutierrez

Luis is one of the early doctoral students of Willard Fey at Georgia Tech. He completed his Ph.D. in System Feedback Dynamics in 1974. A revised version of his dissertation, on the dynamics of secondary succession in ecosystems, was published by MIT Press in 1980 (Willard Fey, co-author) as "Ecosystem Succession: A General Hypothesis and a Test Model of a Grassland". He retired from IBM Corporation with 30 years of service in 1998, then worked three years for Ciena Corporation. During this time Luis became an expert in issues of quality and productivity during system/software development. He has extensive experience in business and system/software process improvement, frequently using causal-loop diagrams to show the information flows that should be fixed or added in order to stabilize the process, improve product quality, and mitigate stressful organization dynamics. In recent years, he has gained expertise in information research and knowledge management, and consults on defining subwebs for specific knowledge domains. Since the advent of the Internet, he has done information research and knowledge elicitation in five areas: business best practices (including ISO standards and triple bottom line analysis), integration of engineering specialties, information technology, environmental management, and both human and industrial ecology. Luis also runs a consulting business:

Pelican Consulting


Extended Consulting Team:

The Ecocosm Research Group (ERG), the research branch of Ecocosm Dynamics, consults with a wide variety of specialists in a number of key areas.

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